About the Author

Heather McDougal was born and raised in California, and after numerous adventures earned a BA in fine art with an emphasis in Conceptual Design from San Francisco State University.

She then went on to live and work in Japan, travel throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, and live and work as an artist in London before coming back to California to get an MFA at California College of Arts and Crafts.

In the process of writing her thesis, Heather rediscovered a lifelong love of writing, and forged a new love: hypertext.

After working in the Web industry as a writer and webmaster, and teaching Art for the Web at California State University, East Bay, Heather has come back to her chief loves, and now lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where she spends her time writing, creating interactive texts, and caring for her two daughters.

It is Heather's deep belief that there are many truly creative possibilities available to the medium of digital text that have not yet been explored.